Consciousness for a New Generation

CERC has the opportunity to be a pioneer as the first integrated consciousness program in the world at a major public university. With current and future academic programs in consciousness housed in the school of STEM, CERC will be in a unique position to educate a new generation of scholars, scientists, and researchers, inspiring them toward a greater awareness and respect for themselves, others, and the planet. Additionally, CERC will prepare a new generation to develop and utilize consciousness as a way to positively contribute to solutions that address the challenges of our time.

The campaign for CERC is an international effort aimed at making the field of consciousness available to a new generation of scholars and scientists globally. CERC’s goal is to raise an initial endowment of $250,000 to launch the development of comprehensive consciousness programs at the University of Washington Bothell, supporting faculty recruitment, cutting-edge research, community partnerships, scientific symposia, and continuing education programs.

The initiative for CERC is deeply committed to developing supportive relationships with partners in the global scientific community of consciousness. Successfully implemented, CERC will be a burgeoning model for the development of consciousness programs at universities around the world.

Current Program Goals

The Center for Education and Research in Consciousness is currently fundraising with the following goals in mind:


  1. Recruit additional faculty and staff to create a transdisciplinary undergraduate Major in Consciousness and a Ph.D. program.
  2. Recruit an international Advisory Board to guide the development of CERC initiatives.
  3. Support the student-founded Consciousness Club as it continues to engage students on campus and provide opportunities for a new generation of leaders in consciousness.
  4. Foster undergraduate research opportunities and partnerships with the larger scientific community to create innovative research projects and translate the findings into new opportunities for scholarship and community engagement.
  5. Offer faculty development workshops that introduce faculty in other disciplines to the field of Consciousness, and assist them to integrate this research in their coursework.


  1. Host a symposium on Consciousness for a New Generation to develop transdisciplinary curriculum for undergraduate and graduate programs in Consciousness.
  2. Offer continuing education programs in Consciousness for professionals in psychology, medicine, nursing, education, and social work.
  3. Attract scientific and scholarly talent, leveraging the uniqueness of CERC and the opportunity to pursue cutting-edge research in the psychology, neuroscience, and physics of consciousness using bright and motivated UW students as research fellows.

Budget and Timeline

In order to grow and sustain CERC we seek an initial endowment of $250,000 to launch CERC and begin the development of the program as a successful proof-of-concept. Ultimately, a $20 million endowment will provide operating funds of approximately $600,000 per year and enable us to achieve the following goals over the next five years:

  • 2016-2017: Establish CERC, hire a director and 2 program assistants. Recruit an advisory board.
  • 2016-2017: Host an international symposium on Consciousness for a New Generation.
  • 2016-2017: Hire three permanent faculty members to create and teach a transdisciplinary undergraduate Major in Consciousness.
  • 2017-2018: Create a transdisciplinary Ph.D program in Consciousness and recruit graduate students.
  • 2016-Ongoing: Conduct, publish, and present research about the intellectual and psychological effects of learning about Consciousness; develop and launch faculty development and continuing education workshops.